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Building Your Brand & Entrepreneur Mindset:
Fun, Creative, & Interactive Program
For Youth Ages 13-17

Build Your Brand

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Business Model Canvas


Leadership Principles


Business Field Trips


Business Showcase


SEE ME Teens is an executive leadership program for young black entrepreneur minded students.

SEE ME Teens prepares future black leaders for entrepreneurship, helping them to build their brands, increase their executive presence, and expand their business concepts. 

Our goal with SEE ME Teens is to help young leaders create opportunities for their futures.


Our vision is to close the generational wealth gap by instilling core business and leadership principles into our youth, while also cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset for these young leaders.

What could be more important than equipping the next generation with the character and competence they need to become successful? 

Colin Powell

Accelerator Curriculum

Building Your Brand
The foundation of building your brand and an entrepreneurial mindset is understanding who you are and what impact you want to make in your community. Understand your why and create your value proposition.
Emotional Intelligence
Having the ability to understand the perspective and needs of those around you is an important factor in leadership. Additionally, relationships help you accomplish more than you can do on your own. Learn how to build and maintain strong relationships to help you accomplish your vision. 
The power of a leader’s vision
Strong communication skills and the ability to inspire a shared vision are required when leading others. The power of a leader's vision can change communities and generations to come. Learn how to use a storytelling approach to building your business and leading others towards a common goal.
Continuous Improvement
Putting a strong plan together is just the beginning. Creating a learning environment and a growth mindset will help you achieve your goals. Discuss ways to improve, as an individual and a business. Set goals, while also being adaptable to industry trends and changes. 
Entrepreneurial Mindset
Be resilient, confident, resourceful and solution focused. Identify how you can become and remain an expert in your field by remaining curious and committing to be a lifelong learner. Remain action oriented while building a strong brand.

Core Competencies

Over the course of the program you will learn skills and traits of an entrepreneur.

Effective Communication

Time Management and Organizational Skills

Leadership and Team Building Skills


Determination and Vision

Problem Solving Skills 

Financial literacy

Key Dates




March 16, 2024

10am - 12pm

In-Person Workshop: Idea Development

March 30, 2024 

10am - 12pm

Virtual Workshop: Idea Development (Cont)

April 13, 2024 

10am - 12pm

In-Person Workshop: Resource Management

April 27, 2024 

10am - 12pm

Virtual Workshop: Resource Management (Cont)

May 11, 2024 

10am - 12pm

In-Person Workshop: Asset Creation

May 25, 2024 

10am - 12pm

Virtual Workshop: Asset Creation (Cont)

June 15, 2024

10am - 12pm

Business Showcase

We SEE a future that needs YOU!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't see the answer to your question below,

please contact us at

  • Who is SEE ME Teens for?
    SEE ME Teens is specifically designed for young black leaders between the ages of 13 to 17, who are located in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area and are interested in entrepreneurship. These young ambitious leaders want to gain valuable skills, knowledge, and leadership principles to start and run their own businesses. The program is open to all black teens, regardless of their background or experience level and is designed to provide them with the tools and resources they need to succeed in the business world.
  • Is the program online or in-person?
    Both. SEE ME Teens meets both in-person and virtually. Check out our schedule above to view which dates meet in-person. In-Person meetings will take place in Phoenix, exact location tbd. Please note: We are committed to providing a safe and engaging experience for all participants.
  • How much does it cost to join SEE ME Teens?
    SEE ME Teens is a free program offered by ARG Cultivators Community. Our goal is to empower black teens to become successful entrepreneurs by providing them with the necessary tools, resources, and mentorship. Therefore, we do not charge any fees for participating in the SEE ME Teens program. We encourage all who are interested to apply and take advantage of this opportunity to realize their full potential. Please Note: Transportation to and from the in person meetings and business field trips are the responsibility of the young leader.
  • Do I need a business idea in order to be accepted into the program?
    Nope! Young leaders are not expected to have a business idea in order to join SEE ME Teens. Once you join the program, our mentors will help you identify areas of interest and/or passion ideas that you can turn into business concepts.
  • How do I join SEE ME Teens?
    To join, please register at

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