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Social and Economic Equity for Minority Enterprises Program

Raising visibility and opportunities for black-owned business in Arizona


The SEE ME Program is an executive program designed to assist black-owned businesses in the state of Arizona. It is part of BPI's Social Justice Project to improve economic equity in Arizona’s black communities state-wide, by helping to close the wealth gap through supporting, tracking, and evaluating a total of twenty (20) nonprofit/ for-profit businesses over the course of eighteen months.

Support includes a system of mentoring, financial education, business development, and capital investment.

Participating organizations are identified, evaluated, then held accountable for success through course compliance, mentorship engagement, and business growth metrics.

"We must work together to ensure the equitable distribution of wealth, opportunity, and power in our society" - Nelson Mandela


The goal of the program is to ultimately reduce potential business failure by optimizing strong financial education, and utilizing black directory marketing and applying grant funds to grow business.

The goal is to raise the visibility and increase growth opportunities, by offering strategic support to stabilize their companies, connections with larger firms to expand their networks, and financial accountability to strengthen business banking relationships.


Hear from SEE ME Alumni


Support the SEE ME Program

With each donation, we are creating parity in our community.

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Join the SEE ME Cohort

Are you a black business owner interested in being a part of the 2023 SEE ME Cohort?

Our Partners

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Black Philanthropy Initiative


The SEE ME Program was created and developed by the Social Project Team of ARG Cultivators Community. We, the team, thank the Black Philanthropy Initiative (BPI) and Arizona Community Foundation (ACF) for their funding and support. Without them, the SEE ME Program would not be possible. We appreciate the value every contributor continues to give, and we thank those in advance who will contribute in the future.

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