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ARG Cultivators Community was formed as an Arizona non-profit, late 2020 501(c)(3) to bridge the economic wealth gap for minority and women-owned businesses. The pandemic exposed the biases that exist in the business ecosystem and the impact that they have on people of color and women-owned businesses. According to an article in National Geographic, 41% of black-owned firms closed within 4 months of the pandemic. ARG Cultivators Community is a conduit for change, helping to strengthen businesses across the nation.


Our vision is to eradicate the disparity gaps that exist in the business ecosystem, gaining parity for minority and women-owned businesses.


Conduit For


Be the conduit for change that creates awareness nationwide around the disparity gaps that exists in the business ecosystem.

Cultivate Stronger Connections

Cultivate stronger connections between minority-owned businesses and corporations that drive business growth.

Provide Access To Capital

Provide access to capital for minorities and women business owners that will enable them to scale their businesses.

Educate and Mentor Emerging BOs

Educate and mentor minority and women business owners, ensuring they have the resources needed for growth.


Together we can reach more. With your support, we can be a stronger voice for change as we cultivate stronger connections, provide access to capital and educate minority and women-owned businesses.

Together we can create parity. With your support, we can further promote equality in our local communities and beyond, which shrinks the wealth gaps for minority and women-owned businesses.


Together we can educate and mentor. With your support, more minority and women-owned firms will receive financial literacy and business planning training and resources.


Angela is an Advocate, Educator, and Strategist through seasons of change. She serves as your advocate for positive change management, ensuring that you maximize the time to your advantage. Since most leaders do not have the right tools to lead change, she becomes an educator, ensuring that you have all of the tools and resources to create sustainable growth now and for the future. She serves as your strategist, ensuring that you have the right plan in place to move forward as you Align, Redefine, and Grow through change. 

Angela Garmon

Founder & President

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